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Desktop Copiers —are also known as multifunction Printers, Small Office printers, Home Office Copiers/Printers and are used primarily for individual or small workgroup, They are called Desktop because you normally sit them on a desk and easy to operate. Desktop Printers need the least amount of training so anyone can operate them. Desktop Printers come in two types – Monochrome and Color and are both available at JTF. They are advanced multifunction Printers that can Print, Copy, Scan & Fax with minimal noise and work at a remarkable speed. Desktop Copiers tend to have less mechanical problems, mainly due to wear and tear.  We at JTF offer the best MFP Printers from the best brands like Xerox, Kyocera, Canon, Ricoh, HP at unbeatable prices.  All of our copiers come with 36 month onsite defective parts warranty wherever you are. 

    Digital Copiers


Lexmark MX521deLexmark MX521de

Lexmark MX521de Monochrome Multifunction Printer in your commercial assets to improve the ...

Price: $924.00
Lexmark MX611DHELexmark MX611DHE

Look professional and work smart with the multi-function Lexmark MX611DHE Printer. With easy to use ...

Price: $1,789.99
Lexmark X746DELexmark X746DE

Lexmark X746DE MFP Printer increases your business efficiency through productivity-enhancing ...

Price: $2,238.50
Best Buy Lexmark X860 MonoChrome Multifunction Printer : X860
Lexmark X860Lexmark X860

Lexmark X860 Printer is optimized for any task or occasion. Lexmark X860 MonoChrome Multifunction ...

Price: $5,940.00
X860DE 3
Lexmark X860DE 3Lexmark X860DE 3

Lexmark X860DE 3 MonoChrome MFP Printer is a powerful enterprise-level device that provides ...

Price: $5,397.93
X860DE 4
Lexmark X860DE 4Lexmark X860DE 4

The Lexmark X860DE 4 MonoChrome MFP Printer is developed to keep work flowing in demanding output ...

Price: $5,705.93
Lexmark X862Lexmark X862

This affordable Lexmark X862 MonoChrome Multifunction Printer will boost productivity with ...

Price: $9,978.10
X862DTE 3
Lexmark X862DTE 3Lexmark X862DTE 3

Lexmark X862DTE is designed for medium to large workgroups. The Lexmark X862DTE 3 MFP Printer ...

Price: $8,607.85
X862DTE 4
Lexmark X862DTE 4Lexmark X862DTE 4

Lexmark X862DTE 4 Laser Copier is a one-stop solution for all your business document needs. ...

Price: $9,770.55
X864DHE 3
Lexmark X864DHE 3Lexmark X864DHE 3

Every workplace desires to own a multipurpose unit like the Lexmark X864DHE 3 MonoChrome MFP Copier ...

Price: $10,994.50
X864DHE 4
Lexmark X864DHE 4Lexmark X864DHE 4

The Lexmark X864DHE 4 Laser MFP Printer w, Fax, Duplex, Hard Drive & Touch Screen is a ...

Price: $11,269.99
Lexmark X954DELexmark X954DE

Lexmark X954DE MFP Printer is a versatile device with a range of advanced features and color LED ...

Price: $12,457.90