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The Formax Bursters are perfect for printing multiple forms on the same page, these bursters are light weight which makes them mobile and flexible. The Formax Bursters offer adjustable side guides and programmable side guides which make it a worthy product, also these bursters are known for their high productivity as they do their tasks with a speed of 140 sheets per minute. Formax come with a bust length of 2.5’’ which can be maximized up to 9.9”. 

Digital Copiers

FD 4400
Formax FD 4400Formax FD 4400

The Formax FD 4400 High-Volume Cut-Sheet Burster is specifically designed to process Check21 IRDs ...

Price: $21,995.00
FD 574
Formax FD 574Formax FD 574

Formax FD 574 Cut-Sheet Cutter is uniquely designed to process forms generated from a digital ...

Price: $8,350.00
FD 676
Formax FD 676Formax FD 676

The Formax FD 676 High Volume Industrial Burster can tackle up to 500 forms per minute, and is a ...

Price: $27,950.00
FD 680
Formax FD 680Formax FD 680

Formax FD 680 High Volume Industrial Burster with Imprinter can process large bursting jobs at ...

Price: $22,699.00
Best Buy Formax FD-4170 Burster : FD4170 Cut-Sheet Burster
Formax FD-4170Formax FD-4170

Formax FD-4170 Burster is a perfect and reliable solution when multiple forms are printed on a same ...

Price: $7,650.00
Formax FD-550Formax FD-550

The Formax FD 550 Low Volume Industrial Burster is a low-volume burster offering industrial quality ...