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The Formax Pressure Sealers have a speed of 100 forms in a minute, they have the capability to hold pages that measure around 14 inches. These have been integrated with newly adjustable plates which help in time saving and efficient solution for paper processing, the printers with pressure sealers have the capacity of holding 200 sheets. The Formax Pressure Sealers are compact and sleek in designs and they also offer great outputs, since they are sleek in designs they can fir easily in narrow places.

Digital Copiers

Formax FD 2096
FD 2096FD 2096

The FD 2096’s sealing unit utilizes a 17-inch ball transport deck for a smooth, reliable transition ...

Price: $39,495.00
FD 1406
Formax FD 1406Formax FD 1406

Formax AutoSeal offers a simple and innovative pressure sealing technology that is useful for ...

Price: $4,119.00
FD 1506 Plus
Formax FD 1506 PlusFormax FD 1506 Plus

Formax FD 1506 Plus Touchscreen Technology Pressure Sealer helps you pressure seal forms. These ...

Price: $6,794.20
FD 2002
Formax FD 2002Formax FD 2002

The Formax AutoSeal FD 2002 Mid-Volume Pressure Sealer is a powerful desktop model designed to ...

Price: $6,775.00
FD 2006
Formax FD 2006Formax FD 2006

Formax AutoSeal FD 2006 is a high-quality, flexible and economical mid-volume pressure sealing ...

Price: $7,913.15
FD 2006IL
Formax FD 2006ILFormax FD 2006IL

Formax Autoseal FD 2006Il System Print, Fold & Seal In-Line allows the user to print, fold and ...

Price: $9,245.00
FD 2032
Formax FD 2032Formax FD 2032

The Formax AutoSeal FD 2032 High-Volume Pressure Sealer provides a reliable and compact solution ...

Price: $8,775.00 $8,575.00
FD 2036
Formax FD 2036Formax FD 2036

Formax FD 2036 AutoSeal is a high volume and easy to use a table top pressure sealer for processing ...

Price: $9,095.00
FD 2056
Formax FD 2056Formax FD 2056

Price: $13,680.40
FD 2200
Formax FD 2200Formax FD 2200

The Formax FD 2200 Series Pressure Sealers is designed to handle high volume jobs with ease and ...

Price: $75,995.00
FD 2200-10
Formax FD 2200-10Formax FD 2200-10

The Formax FD 2200-10 High Volume Pressure Sealer is the ideal solution for high-volume mailers who ...

Price: $23,500.00