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The Martin Yale Form Cutters are on of the most versatile tools available for small print shops or businesses. Almost any range of paper, plastics and textiles can be cut with these paper cutters as they specialize in heavy cutting jobs. These form cutters can easily cut up to 12 inches long 1/2 inches thick stack within a single stroke. They have unique parallel action cramp which helps in keeping a firm hold on to the sheets. While the integral safety latch in the cutter has been designed to keep one’s fingers safe by keeping them distant from the blades. Since the blades used in The Martin Yale Form Cutters are easy to change and maintain they are preferred in schools too.

Digital Copiers

Martin Yale 7000EMartin Yale 7000E

The Martin Yale 7000E Paper Cutter is one of the most versatile and essential tool that any photo ...

Price: $966.00
Martin Yale SP100Martin Yale SP100

Martin Yale SP100 Forms Cutter is a high speed form cutter to increase your work productivity. ...

Price: $1,093.65