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The Formax Folding Machines are tough and heavy-duty machines, they are well know for their small foot print. Formax folding machines with a variety of speed control of up to 27,000 sheets per hour and they an air suction feed table that can handle a variety of papers coated or non coated. The Formax Folding machines have fold plates that dial to 0.1 mm accuracy not only this but also they have a 6 standard fold setting for 18 pre fold settings.

Digital Copiers

Formax FD 6104
FD 6104FD 6104

Avail the benefits of automated folding and inserting by investing in the FD 6104. It offers the ...

Price: $5,520.00
Atlas Air Feed
Formax Atlas Air FeedFormax Atlas Air Feed

Formax Atlas Air-Feed is a high volume folder is a tough and heavy duty folding machine with a ...

Price: $10,350.00
Formax Atlas-ASFormax Atlas-AS

The ATLAS-AS Air-Feed Document Folder is very sturdy with a small foot print that can fold up to ...

Price: $13,150.00
FD 322
Formax FD 322Formax FD 322

The Formax FD 322 Desktop Document Folder folds documents at speeds up to 11,000 sheets per hour ...

Price: $2,065.50
FD 324
Formax FD 324Formax FD 324

Formax FD 324 Tabletop Document Folder is an ergonomically designed and easy-to-use solution that ...

Price: $2,066.00
Formax FD 38XFormax FD 38X

Formax FD 38X is an ideal document folder for any business organization, school; church etc. The ...

Price: $4,586.00
FD 6204-Advance-1
Formax FD 6204-Advance-1Formax FD 6204-Advance-1

Formax FD 6204-Advance-1 Folder Inserter comes with one automatic sheet feeder and BRE feeder. This ...

Price: $10,450.00
FD 6204-Advance-2
Formax FD 6204-Advance-2Formax FD 6204-Advance-2

The Formax FD 6204-Advance-2 Office Paper Folder and Inserter is part of the FD 6204 Series and ...

Price: $14,295.00
FD 6204-Basic-1
Formax FD 6204-Basic-1Formax FD 6204-Basic-1

The Formax FD 6204-Basic-1 Office Paper Folder and Inserter brings advanced folding & inserting ...

Price: $9,295.00
FD 6204-Basic-2
Formax FD 6204-Basic-2Formax FD 6204-Basic-2

The Formax FD 6204-Basic-2 Inserter with Two Sheet Feeders is part of the Formax 6204 Series brings ...

Formax FD-300Formax FD-300

Formax FD-300 Desktop Folder is an economical and cost effective machine for your business. It will ...

Price: $630.00
Formax FD-314Formax FD-314

Formax FD-314 is a great folder for any office needs. It’s compact with a small foot print that can ...

Price: $1,095.95

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