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The Martin Yale Paper Joggers come with an enclosed bin to stack paper and can be started with just a flip of switch. They are flexible, compact and fast therefore they are ideal for all types of work like binding, folding and cutting paper. These can fir into office spaces easily since they are compact in size. The Marin Yale Paper Joggers perfectly straighten the paper and they do not allow the paper to stick together. 

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Best Buy Martin Yale 400 Commercial Paper Jogger
Martin Yale 400Martin Yale 400

The Martin Yale 400 Paper Jogger is an ideal acquaintance for binding, folding machines and paper ...

Price: $635.62
Best Buy Martin Yale 4200 Jogger - Tabletop Paper Jogger
Martin Yale 4200Martin Yale 4200

The Martin Yale 4200 Jogger aids in removing static electricity and thus helps in efficient paper ...

Price: $2,070.00