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The Formax Paper Joggers are compact in sizes and are also suitable for small working environments as they help in aligning and drying up printed sheets within no time. They have been integrated with a titled V shaped bin for jogging up about 940 sheets and stacking up large format papers. While they are premium machines to dry sheets of size 12’’ x 18’’ they have a variable speed control of 2500 vibrations. The Formax Paper Joggers are suitable for use in small mail room and retail shops too. Their ability to reduce static electricity while drying up printed sheets makes them very efficient to use too.

Digital Copiers

Fomax FD 402P1
FD 402P1FD 402P1

The Formax FD 402P1 Single-Bin Paper Jogger provides quick and easy alignment for a wide variety of ...

Price: $1,115.00
FD 402E2
Formax FD 402E2Formax FD 402E2

The Formax FD 402E2 Two-Bin Envelope Jogger quickly settles the contents of incoming mail prior to ...

Price: $1,115.00
FD 402P3
Formax FD 402P3Formax FD 402P3

The Formax FD 402P3 Three Bin Paper Jogger is ideal for higher volume environments and provides ...

Price: $1,135.00
Formax FD-402TA1Formax FD-402TA1

The Formax FD-402TA1 High Capacity Tabletop Air Jogger is compact in size and is suitable for small ...

Price: $1,250.00
Formax FD404A1Formax FD404A1

The Formax FD-404A1 High Capacity Air Jogger is the perfect machine that aligns your documents and ...

Price: $2,173.50