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The Intimus Industrial Shredders are heavy-duty and high-capacity industrial shredders that are used for the safe disposal of unwanted materials. Specifically designed to handle large number of documents in a go, the Intimus Industrial Shredders can easily have a sheet capacity of up to 550/h. The conveyer belt mechanism in the Intimus Industrial Shredders transfers the objects from the feed table to the cutters, which further simplifies the process for the user. The wide feed throat allows the user to pass through the documents and other waste material with ease. 

Digital Copiers

Instimus 1650-11.8CCInstimus 1650-11.8CC

The Intimus 16.50 Industrial Shredder is German made and comes with a conveyor belt feed that ...

Price: $22,319.99
Intimus 14.95Intimus 14.95

The Intimus 14.95 Strip Cut Industrial Shredder is manufactured with easy to operate user controls ...

Price: $9,989.99
14.95 CC
Intimus 14.95 CCIntimus 14.95 CC

The Intimus 14.95 Cross Cut Industrial Shredder is a German made unit that is made for shredding ...

Price: $9,989.99
14.95 SC
Intimus 14.95 SCIntimus 14.95 SC

The Intimus 14.95 Strip Cut Industrial Shredder is useful tool to shred smooth as well as crumpled ...

Price: $10,836.25
Intimus 1495Intimus 1495

The Intimus 1495 Paper Shredder is an irresistible valuable shredding machine that has a capacity ...

Price: $12,319.99
1495 S
Intimus 1495 SIntimus 1495 S

The Intimus 1495 Paper Shredder is an extremely dynamic performer that can ease off your workload ...

Price: $12,353.75
802 CC
Intimus 802 CCIntimus 802 CC

The Intimus 802CC Paper Shredder is a powerful performer that offers an easy functionality to ...

Price: $9,376.00
Intimus 852CCIntimus 852CC

The Intimus 852CC paper shredder - 852CC - Cross Cut 1, 8X1 ½ is a highly functional device that ...

Price: $7,189.00