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The Formax Industrial Shredders can serve the needs of an entire organization. Powerful enough to shred just about anything, the Formax Industrial Shredders can easily shred entire files, cardboard, tapes, stacks of computer forms, CDs and magnetic disks. The Formax Industrial Shredders are high-capacity conveyor-fed shredders that combine fully-automated features with the tough, industrial strength that is required for high-volume centralized shredding. Complete with the EvenFlowTM Automatic Oiling System, the Formax Industrial Shredders come with a standard feature that lubricates the all-steel cutting blades and help to keep the shredder in the highest operating conditions.Digital Copiers

FD 8806CC
Formax FD 8806CCFormax FD 8806CC

The Formax FD 8806CC Cross-Cut Industrial Conveyor Shredder is among the most advanced high volume ...

Price: $10,350.00
FD 8806SC
Formax FD 8806SCFormax FD 8806SC

The Formax FD 8806SC Strip-Cut Industrial Conveyor Shredder is an Industrial Shredder that is an ...

Price: $10,125.00
FD 8850CC
Formax FD 8850CCFormax FD 8850CC

The Formax FD 8850CC Industrial Cross-Cut Shredder is a powerful machine and is crafted to handle ...

Price: $13,511.99
FD 8906B
Formax FD 8906BFormax FD 8906B

Formax FD 8906B Industrial Conveyor Shredder and Baler is a high-capacity conveyor-fed unit ...

Price: $53,995.50
FD 8906CC
Formax FD 8906CCFormax FD 8906CC

The Formax FD 8906CC Cross Cut Industrial Conveyor Shredder is a high-capacity conveyor-fed unit ...

Price: $22,495.50