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High Security Paper Shredders


FD 8806CC
Formax FD 8806CCFormax FD 8806CC

The Formax FD 8806CC Cross-Cut Industrial Conveyor Shredder is among the most advanced high volume ...

Price: $10,350.00
FD 8806SC
Formax FD 8806SCFormax FD 8806SC

The Formax FD 8806SC Strip-Cut Industrial Conveyor Shredder is an Industrial Shredder that is an ...

Price: $9,843.75
FD 8850CC
Formax FD 8850CCFormax FD 8850CC

The Formax FD 8850CC Industrial Cross-Cut Shredder is a powerful machine and is crafted to handle ...

Price: $18,556.88
FD 8906B
Formax FD 8906BFormax FD 8906B

Formax FD 8906B Industrial Conveyor Shredder and Baler is a high-capacity conveyor-fed unit ...

Price: $52,496.25
FD 8906CC
Formax FD 8906CCFormax FD 8906CC

The Formax FD 8906CC Cross Cut Industrial Conveyor Shredder is a high-capacity conveyor-fed unit ...

Price: $22,496.00