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High Security Paper Shredders


Workgroup Paper Shredders ensure high security by destroying all confidential documents with absolute ease and high performance. If you are looking for a premium quality paper shredder for your small to large business, we offer you an exclusive range of expertly crafted, high grade workgroup shredders. Designed to sustain a competitive edge in the fast-growing business world, these paper shredding machine from renowned brands, like Dahle, Intimus, Kobra, SEM, are sure to fulfill all your business shredding needs. Backed by large bin capacity, sleek looks, quite operation and energy-saving features, these Workgroup Paper shredders not just shred papers, but also paper clips, staples, CDs, credit cards, and what not!
Our Workgroup Shredders are highly popular in high level government and private agencies. Workgroup provide security shredding to prevent threats, like identity theft, and make a great option for destroying extremely sensitive documents such as medical records, etc. We provide high feed capacity workgroup shredders that make high volume shredding jobs a lot easier and quick. Combined with superior performance features, the Work Group Paper Shredders prove to be the best choice for all types of businesses to safeguard crucial information.

Workgroup Paper Shredders


The SEM 3140S Paper Shredder is specifically engineered to accomplish the task of shredding paper ...

Price: $2,177.50
SEM 1125P/CDSEM 1125P/CD

The SEM 1125P, CD Paper Shredder w, Optical Media Shredder is a fine-quality device that comes as ...

Price: $525.20
SEM 2226P
SEM 2226PSEM 2226P

The SEM 2226P Paper Shredder has earned a reputation of being a reliable commercial shredding ...

Price: $1,327.48
SEM 2226SSEM 2226S

The SEM 2226S Paper Shredder is a great office tool for small office places as it is instrumental ...

Price: $1,159.60
SEM 3130PSEM 3130P

The SEM 3130P Paper Shredder is a fantastic device that offers high reliability in medium-sized ...

Price: $2,054.09