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SEM Paper Shredders : Workgroup Shredder

The SEM Work Group Shredders are fine quality devices that can perform multiple tasks and maintain safety at the same time with the help of a transparent safety flap. SEM Work Group Shredders have the ability to shred even DVD and CDs within seconds and they can shred around 7 to 10 sheets paper with the use of single phase motor the SEM Work Group Shredders also have an energy saving mode and a dual motor protection which enhances the work productivity.

Digital Copiers

SEM 1125P/CD
SEM 1125P/CDSEM 1125P/CD

The SEM 1125P, CD Paper Shredder w, Optical Media Shredder is a fine-quality device that comes as ...

Price: $475.00
SEM 2226P
SEM 2226PSEM 2226P

The SEM 2226P Paper Shredder has earned a reputation of being a reliable commercial shredding ...

Price: $1,195.00
SEM 2226S
SEM 2226SSEM 2226S

The SEM 2226S Paper Shredder is a great office tool for small office places as it is instrumental ...

Price: $1,049.00
SEM 3130P
SEM 3130PSEM 3130P

The SEM 3130P Paper Shredder is a fantastic device that offers high reliability in medium-sized ...

Price: $1,809.99
SEM 3140S
SEM 3140SSEM 3140S

The SEM 3140S Paper Shredder is specifically engineered to accomplish the task of shredding paper ...

Price: $2,093.75