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Kobra Shredders : Workgroup ShreddersThe Kobra Work Group Shredders are known for their unmatched shredding proficiency. Kobra are genuinely powerful enough to increase the efficiency of paper shredding in offices. Since Kobra Work Group Shredders have cross cutting blades therefore they enhance the durability and efficiency with the shredding speed of 26 sheets in a minute. Also Kobra come with a bag full indicator which notifies user when the waste bag is full. Kobra waste bags are convenient for holding a large amount of shredded paper. Not just this but The Kobra Work Group Shredders also help in cutting down the power consumption and reduce the cost incurred on the purchase of power.

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390 C4
Kobra 390 C4Kobra 390 C4

The Kobra 390 C4 paper Shredder is a functional machine that offer unmatched shredding proficiency. ...

Price: $2,295.99