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Intimus Office Shredders are powerful and shred paper with ease that too quickly. The automatic on/off button signals the machine when there is paper in the feed and automatically goes off whenever the feed is left empty. Intimus Office Shredders offer a range of shredders that are suitable for small and large organizations and takes care of confidentiality concerns. Intimus Office Shredders aids in separating paper waste with that of shredded CD’s paper clips, cards, etc. and hence enables environment-friendly paper recycling and non-paper waste.Digital Copiers

319 SC2
319 SC2319 SC2

The Intimus 319 SC2 Recycling Paper Shredder offer a solution for recycling papers. It is the first ...

Price: $2,379.00
Intimus 120CC3
Best Buy Intimus 120CC3 Pro Cross Cut Shredder: 227154S1 - Level 3
Intimus 120CC3Intimus 120CC3

The Intimus 120CC3 Pro Cross Cut Shredder offers peak performance in cutting huge volumes of waste ...

Price: $1,380.00
Intimus 20CC3Intimus 20CC3

The Intimus 20CC3 Cross-Cut Shredder is a high-end machine that easily undertakes and solves your ...

Price: $148.48
Intimus 45CC3Intimus 45CC3

The Intimus 45CC3 Paper Shredder is a multi-functional device that destroys paper and other optical ...

Price: $789.00
Intimus 60CC4
Intimus 60CC4Intimus 60CC4

The Intimus 60CC4 Cross Cut Shredder is a perfect shedder for small work environments and is a ...

Price: $919.99