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Why risk the confidentiality of the business when you can shred it with FORMAX Office Shredder? Whether it is the new business plan or the new marketing strategy, the secure information is always at risk, which makes FORMAX Office Shredders an essential product for the organization.  FORMAX Office Shredders offers commercial grade components in a sleek practical design. FORMAX offers a complete line of commercial shredders from desk side to production units capable of shredding binders and 500-page booklets. FORMAX Office Shredders comprise of high quality metal blades that cuts paper in such small pieces that it is impossible for someone to put them together. The high-quality metal used to manufacture this device makes FORMAX Office Shredder a long-lasting and durable product.Digital Copiers

FD 8202CC
Formax FD 8202CCFormax FD 8202CC

Formax FD 8202CC Cross Cut Paper Shredder is designed to be as compact as a wastebasket yet as ...

Price: $469.99
FD 8302SC
Formax FD 8302SC Formax FD 8302SC

The Formax FD 8302SC Strip-Cut Shredder comes equipped with commercial grade parts to deliver a ...

Price: $1,102.50
FD 8402CC
Formax FD 8402CCFormax FD 8402CC

The Formax FD 8402CC Cross-Cut Shredder is a dynamic shredding device that acts as a dependable ...

Price: $1,687.50
FD 8402SC
Formax FD 8402SCFormax FD 8402SC

The Formax FD 8402SC Strip-Cut Shredder offers the work potential of performing above the average ...

Price: $1,575.00
FD 8500CC
Formax FD 8500CCFormax FD 8500CC

The Formax FD 8500CC Paper Shredder provides a level 3 security shredding which implies that it is ...

FD 8502AF
Formax FD 8502AFFormax FD 8502AF

The Formax FD 8502AF Auto-Feed Office Cross-Cut Shredder is a powerful and reliable device that can ...

Price: $2,700.00
FD 8602CC
Formax FD 8602CCFormax FD 8602CC

The Formax FD 8602CC Cross-Cut Office Shredder can be described as an office shredder that ...

Price: $2,385.00
FD 8602SC
Formax FD 8602SCFormax FD 8602SC

The Formax FD 8602SC Strip-Cut Shredder is a reliable shredding solution that makes sure that ...

Price: $2,205.00
FD 8652CC
Formax FD 8652CCFormax FD 8652CC

The Formax FD 8652CC Cross-Cut Office Shredder with Auto Oiler is a dependable shredding device ...

Price: $4,545.00
FD 8704CC
Formax FD 8704CCFormax FD 8704CC

The Formax FD 8704CC Multimedia Office Shredder is a useful device that is equipped with ...

Price: $1,935.00
Formax FD8502CCFormax FD8502CC

The Formax FD8502CC Cross Cut Office Shredder is built with reliable components and user-friendly ...

Price: $2,092.50
Formax FD8502SCFormax FD8502SC

The Formax FD8502SC Strip Cut Office Shredder has easy to use controls that help organisations to ...

Price: $1,935.00