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Dahle Paper Shredders : Office Shredders

Confidential information should never fall in wrong hands, and with DAHLE Office Shredders, you can prevent secure information from leaking. Widespread use of copiers and print machines make DAHLE Office Shredders an essential product for your office. DAHLE Office Shredders enable quick shredding and help in maintaining a clean environment by eliminating waste. Separable cabinet in DAHLE Office Shredders make it easy to load and its toggle button makes it user-friendly. Each DAHLE Office Shredder consists of solid cutting cylinders that are perfectly aligned in an all-steel frame and are guaranteed for life.

Digital Copiers

DAHLE 20414DAHLE 20414

The Dahle 20414 Paper Shredder offers a three level security which means it shreds paper into 1, 8" ...

Price: $713.90
DAHLE 20514DAHLE 20514

The Dahle 20514 Paper Shredder is a perfect machine to get rid of your confidential business papers ...

Price: $789.80
Best Buy Dahle 40206 Paper Shredder - Strip Cut
Dahle 40206Dahle 40206

The Dahle 40206 Strip Cut Paper Shredder is the perfect shredding tool for any small enterprise or ...

Price: $603.90
Best Buy Dahle 40214 Paper Shredder - Cross Cut
Dahle 40214Dahle 40214

The Dahle 40214 Cross Cut Paper Shredder is a quiet and efficient mid-sized shredder that provides ...

Price: $720.50
Best Buy Dahle 40306 Paper Shredder - Strip Cut
Dahle 40306Dahle 40306

The Dahle 40306 Strip Cut Paper Shredder is a high-performance shredding machine that fulfills all ...

Price: $770.00
Best Buy Dahle 40314 Paper Shredder - Cross Cut
Dahle 40314Dahle 40314

The Dahle 40314 Cross Cut Paper Shredder is a German-made shredding machine that provides ...

Price: $858.00
Best Buy Dahle 40330 paper Shredder - Cross Cut
Dahle 40330Dahle 40330

Dahle 40330 Cross Cut Paper Shredder is a perfect machine for destroying classified information, ...

Price: $1,275.00
Dahle 40406
Best Buy Dahle 40406 Paper Shredder - Strip Cut - Level 2
Dahle 40406Dahle 40406

The Dahle 40406 Paper Shredder is a fantastic office device that can help in disposing off ...

Price: $1,250.00
Dahle 40414
Dahle 40414Dahle 40414

The Dahle 40414 Paper Shredder offers a sound engineering of technologically rich features that ...

Price: $1,319.99
Best Buy Dahle 40430 Paper Shredder - Cross Cut
Dahle 40430Dahle 40430

The Dahle 40430 Paper Shredder is a perfect office accessory for the people who wish to destroy ...

Price: $1,538.90
Best Buy Dahle 41214 Paper Shredder - Cross Cut
Dahle 41214Dahle 41214

The Dahle 41214 Paper Shredder is an innovative addition to your workplace that promises to provide ...

Price: $770.00
Best Buy Dahle 41314 Paper shredder - Cross Cut
Dahle 41314Dahle 41314

The Dahle 41314 Paper Shredder is an incredible office device that comfortably accommodates itself ...

Price: $1,076.90

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