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The Olympia High Security Shredders are NSA approved shredders which are capable of destroying top secret and highly confidential documents with efficiency and speed. The silently running and dust proof shredders include a microprocessor electronic control system which helps in smooth operations. Also these shredders are noise proof, they have shredding blades which have been made from hardened steel. The Olympia High Security Shredders have an alarm too which sets off once the waste bag is overloaded or when the door is left open.

Digital Copiers

Olympia 1500.1C
Olympia 1500.1COlympia 1500.1C

The Olympia 1500.1C NSA, CSS is a level 6 security shredder, approved by NSA, CSS. This shredder is ...

Price: $3,748.29
Olympia 1702.1C
Olympia 1702.1COlympia 1702.1C

The Olympia 1702.1C High Security Shredder is a highly useful device that makes your task of ...

Price: $6,540.00
Olympia 1750.1C
Olympia 1750.1COlympia 1750.1C

The Olympia 1750.1C High Security Shredder - Level 6 is the best way for shredding your papers in ...

Price: $6,750.00