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High Security Paper Shredders



High security shredders are an ideal choice for organizations which deal with highly confidential data such as military organizations, national security agencies, etc. Owing to its superior level of performance, DOD Approved Paper Shredders are designed to shred the most sensitive data from government agencies into tiny unreadable pieces. Also, the High Security Shredder ensures that the shredded pieces cannot be recreated any further. Available in a sleek and compact design, these shredders can be placed anywhere in your office while the attached casters allow you to move it from one place to the other without causing much hassle.

The hard plastic construction with foam lining guarantees the durability of this piece of functional equipment.  High Security Paper Shredder includes a bin to hold the shredded particles up to 50 Ibs. The quiet operating mechanism of our High Security Shredders lets you carry on other vital tasks without causing any kind of disturbance. The automatic on/off button of the High Security Shredder adds to the utility and makes it a functional inclusion to your work space.

260 HS6 AO
260 HS6 AO260 HS6 AO

260 HS6 AO Classic Line High Security This shredder model is typically utilized in environments ...

Price: $1,803.20
Kobra 300 HS6
300 HS6300 HS6

Kobra 300 HS6 High Security Shredders Kobra 300 HS-6 is equipped with an Energy Smart system with ...

Price: $2,389.70
 300 HS6 AO
300 HS6 AO300 HS6 AO

Kobra 300 HS6 AO High Security Shredder

Price: $2,631.20
240 HS
Kobra 240 HSKobra 240 HS

The Kobra 240 HS High-Security Cross-Cut Paper Shredder is the perfect amalgam of unparalleled ...

Price: $1,078.70
240 HS-6
KOBRA 240 HS-6KOBRA 240 HS-6

Featuring high strength, sturdy construction, dimensional accuracy and durability, the Kobra 240 ...

Price: $1,193.70
260 HS
Kobra 260 HSKobra 260 HS

The Kobra 260 HS paper Shredder - High Security Level 5 is a functional machine that can simplify ...

Price: $1,423.70
260 HS-2/6
Kobra 260 HS-2/6Kobra 260 HS-2/6

The Kobra 260 HS High Security Level 6 Shredder flaunts the approval of NSA to serve as a reliable ...

Price: $2,918.70
260 HS-6
Kobra 260 HS-6Kobra 260 HS-6

The Kobra 260 HS6 High Security Shredder has been engineered with extreme precision to work ...

Price: $1,561.70
260 HS2
Kobra 260 HS2Kobra 260 HS2

Shred Size: 1, 32 x 7, 16" : Motor: 1½ H.P. : Feed Width: 10.25" : 12 sheets Capacity : Speed: 24 ...

Price: $2,527.70
260 TS HS6
Kobra 260 TS HS6Kobra 260 TS HS6

Complying to the NSA, CSS 02-01, the Kobra 260 TS HS6 High-Security Touch Screen Shredder with ...

Price: $1,782.50
270 TS HS6
Kobra 270 TS HS6Kobra 270 TS HS6

Maintain integrity and security of confidential data with the Kobra 270 TS HS6 High-Security Touch ...

Price: $2,279.30
300 HS-6
Kobra 300 HS-6Kobra 300 HS-6

The Kobra 300 HS-6 Paper Shredder is a dynamic paper shredder that enjoys the trust of many users ...

Price: $2,860.00