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High Security Paper Shredders



High security shredders are an ideal choice for organizations which deal with highly confidential data such as military organizations, national security agencies, etc. Owing to its superior level of performance, DOD Approved Paper Shredders are designed to shred the most sensitive data from government agencies into tiny unreadable pieces. Also, the High Security Shredder ensures that the shredded pieces cannot be recreated any further. Available in a sleek and compact design, these shredders can be placed anywhere in your office while the attached casters allow you to move it from one place to the other without causing much hassle.

The hard plastic construction with foam lining guarantees the durability of this piece of functional equipment.  High Security Paper Shredder includes a bin to hold the shredded particles up to 50 Ibs. The quiet operating mechanism of our High Security Shredders lets you carry on other vital tasks without causing any kind of disturbance. The automatic on/off button of the High Security Shredder adds to the utility and makes it a functional inclusion to your work space.

0077 SL
Intimus 0077 SLIntimus 0077 SL

The Intimus 0077SL High Security Paper Shredder allows offices to get rid of their unwanted ...

Price: $10,390.30
Intimus 120CP5Intimus 120CP5

The Intimus 120 CP5 High Security Shredder meet NSA, CSS 02-01 specification for effectively ...

Price: $1,593.75
Intimus 120CP7Intimus 120CP7

Regarded as the benchmark of high-security shredding, the Intimus 120CP7 Shredder has a blazing ...

Price: $3,027.50
175 Hybrid
Intimus 175 HybridIntimus 175 Hybrid

The Intimus 175 Hybrid P-7 is a high efficiency and multi-purpose shredder that combines two ...

Price: $5,316.25
175CC6 P
Intimus 175CC6 PIntimus 175CC6 P

The Intimus 175CC6 High Security Shredder - Level 6 is so engineered that it successfully meets all ...

Price: $4,812.50
Best Buy Intimus 175CP7 High Security Shredder 297291P1- Level 6
Intimus 175CP7Intimus 175CP7

With the Intimus 175CP7 High Security Shredder - Level 6, all the necessities of National Security ...

Price: $5,232.50
Intimus 45CP7Intimus 45CP7

The Intimus 45CP7 High Security Shredder is a technically advanced functional device that is used ...

Price: $1,381.25
502 SF
Best Buy Intimus 502 SF Super Fine High Security Paper Shredder
Intimus 502 SFIntimus 502 SF

The Intimus 502 SF Super Fine High Security Paper Shredder is a high-performance device that works ...

Price: $3,748.29
602 SF
Intimus 602 SFIntimus 602 SF

The Intimus 602 SF High Security Shredder is a top-of-the-line shredder that ensures maximum ...

Price: $2,736.25
Intimus 602-SFIntimus 602-SF

The Intimus 602 SF High Security Shredder with Auto Oiler is a powerful shredding machine designed ...

Price: $3,535.00