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Dahle High SEcurity Shredders

The Dahle High Security Paper Shredders are high level security paper shredders which have been approved by The National Security Agency. Dahle are driven by powerful horsepower motor and have an external automatic oiler. Dahle Shredders have a 16 inch feed opening that shreds almost any type of paper. Dahle cutters have made of German Solingen Steel that is durable and produces 1mm x 4.7mm particle size bits. Dahle Security Paper Shredders automatic On/Off feature enhances user satisfaction and increases convenience.

Digital Copiers

Dahle 20394
Dahle 20394Dahle 20394

The Dahle 20394 High Security Paper Shredder is high security level six paper shredder which NSA ...

Price: $4,790.00
Dahle 20434dsDahle 20434ds

The Dahle 20434 DS Level P-7 High Security Paper Shredder is perhaps the only thing you need to ...

Price: $1,835.00
Dahle 40334
Best Buy Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder - Level 6 Shredder
Dahle 40334Dahle 40334

The Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder is a wonderful device that has been engineered to provide ...

Price: $1,419.00
Dahle 40434
Dahle 40434Dahle 40434

The Dahle 40434 High Security Shredder brilliantly offers the capability of delivering high level ...

Price: $2,280.00
Dahle 40534
Best Buy Dahle 40534 High Security Shredder - Level 6
Dahle 40534Dahle 40534

The Dahle 40534 High Security Shredder - Level 6 is specially engineered to safeguard the ...

Price: $2,339.99
Dahle 41334
Best Buy Dahle CleanTec 41334 High Security Shredder w/ Auto Oiler - Level 6
Dahle 41334Dahle 41334

The Dahle CleanTec 41334 High Security Shredder w, Auto Oiler is a fine addition to the line of ...

Price: $1,523.50
Dahle 41434
Dahle 41434Dahle 41434

With the Dahle 41434 High Security Shredder - Cross Cut Level 6, you can easily streamline your ...

Price: $2,376.00
Dahle 41534
Dahle 41534Dahle 41534

The Dahle 41534 High Security Shredder is a high-end machine that can streamlines and completes ...

Price: $2,722.50
Dahle 41634
Dahle 41634Dahle 41634

The Dahle 41634 High Security Shredder - level 6 preserves the confidentiality of high profile ...

Price: $3,999.00