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Department Paper Shredders

Department Paper Shredders are used to shred a massive pile of useless business documents which may take many days to shreds. Unless you have Dahle 20390 Paper Shredder made in Germany and can shred by to 30 pages into ¼” size shreds. You can now enjoy the convenience of using Department Shredders for the lowest prices at JTF Business Systems. These innovatively designed shredders are extremely useful for disposing-off confidential papers or unwanted CDs and DVDs. You will also find them of great help in effectively destroying your plastic money i.e. expired credit or debit cards and also staples, and paper clips. Our department shredders not only save you from a lot of trouble involved in getting rid of volumes of waste papers, but they also cut short hours of hard work in to a playful activity spread over just a few minutes. Your Office Department Shredders come equipped with large shred basket for holding up to 45 gallons of shredded materials. JTF offers the best Paper Shredders by Intimus, Dahle, Formax, KObra, SEM and more. All of Department Shredders come with 36 Month Warranty Nationwide so you don’t have to worry about anything that can go wrong.Department-Shredders

Best Buy Dahle 20390 paper shredder - Department Shredders - Strip Cut
Dahle 20390Dahle 20390

The Dahle 20390 paper shredder is made in Germany using the latest technology and finest material ...

Price: $4,897.00
Dahle 20392Dahle 20392

The Dahle 20392 Paper Shredder helps organization to get rid of unwanted company's financial ...

Price: $5,997.00
Dahle 20396Dahle 20396

The Dahle 20396 Department paper shredder - Cross Cut is engineered to offer rugged and dependable ...

Price: $5,997.00
Dahle 40530Dahle 40530

Dahle 40530 Paper Shredder is a high power small workgroup professional shredder that cross cuts a ...

Price: $2,485.00
Dahle 40606Dahle 40606

The Dahle 40606 Paper Shredder - Strip Cut Department Shredder delivers high-end performance for ...

Price: $2,587.50
Dahle 50514Dahle 50514

The Dahle 50514 Department Shredder is designed for the busy workspaces with high shredding needs ...

Price: $1,868.00
Dahle 50564Dahle 50564

The Dahle 50564 Cross Cut MHP Oil Free Shredder demands minimal maintenance and shreds media just ...

Price: $2,249.00
Dahle 51514Dahle 51514

The DAHLE CleanTEC 51514 department shredder is designed to destroy confidential documents in ...

Price: $2,597.00
Dahle 51564Dahle 51564

The DAHLE CleanTEC® 51564 Department Shredder—an advanced solution that not only ensures the secure ...

Price: $2,995.00
Dahle 51572Dahle 51572

The DAHLE CleanTEC 51572 Department Shredder is a perfect choice for offices to destroy the ...

Price: $2,997.00