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Dahle 41414
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Dahle 41414 Paper Shredder - Cross Cut 41414 Shredder


Dahle 41414

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Dahle 41414
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Dahle 41414 Paper Shredder - Cross Cut 41414 Shredder

The Dahle 41414 Paper Shredder is a unique machine which is the only shredder in the world that comes with dust filtration system. The Dahle 41414 collects dust particles that are formed around the cutting cylinders that is pushed into a special filter. It has a capacity to trap 98 percent of dust and offers healthier and cleaner work environment for officers. The Dahle 41414 Cross Cut Shredder is equipped with a revolutionary safe technology system which includes Verbal and Contact Emergency Shutdown. During emergency just say “stop” or tap the top cover and the shredder will stop its operation. It has a capacity to shred more than 24 papers in one pass.


It features automatic Even flow lubricator that automatically lubricates the cutters. The Smart power Energy Management system also aids in proper functioning of the shredder. The Cross Cut 41414 Shredder waste bin has a capacity to hold 30 gallons of shredded paper. With a feed width of 10 1/4", the 41414 Cross Cut Shredder is an ideal machine for small and mid-size organization to use and get rid of large amounts of waste paper.