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Martin Yale Business Card Cutter - GC210 Gutter-Cut Slitter

Martin Yale


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Martin Yale GC210
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Model GC210 10-Up Gutter-Cut Slitter
The Martin Yale GC210 Business Card Cutter is a huge business card cutting machine which is simple to create high quality designer business cards or greeting cards. The bleed on the business card allows the image, background to reach till the edge so that it looks more appealing. The GC210 Gutter-Cut Slitter can produce both no-bleed and with bleed cards using a two-pass operation. The Martin Yale GC-210 Cutter consists of robust cutters which can cut through a lot of sheets and handles paper thickness of up to 100lb. the cutters are made from hardened steel and the cutter consists of real cover panels that throws waste away from the rollers. It also includes an interlock switch for safety.
The GC210 Gutter-Cut Slitter can take up to a 5/8” stack of sheets and turn them into business cards at up to 360 cards per minute. The superior cutting performance of the Gutter-Cut Slitter GC210 makes it a preferable machine for graphic designers, creative wall printing retailers or photographers etc.