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Best Buy Formax FD 2052 Pressure Sealer : FD2052 AutoSeal
FD 2052
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Formax FD 2052 Pressure Sealer : FD2052 AutoSeal


FD 2052

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Formax FD 2052
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Formax FD 2052 High Volume Automatic Tabletop - Pressure Sealer



Formax FD 2052 Pressure Sealer has a design useful for processing documents with ease and efficiency. The FD2052 AutoSeal is a fully automatic folder or sealer for processing pressure sensitive self-mailers. You can use three popular folds such as Z, C and half. The FD2052 has the ability of storing up 9 customized fold setting. You can load up to 350 forms in the hoppers and the FD 2052 Formax Pressure Sealer can process up to 11,000 per hour. It features with fully enclosed cabinet for storage and has an 18 inch high capacity conveyor with photo eye for easy and seamless processing.


The FD-2052 AutoSeal is specifically made for those businesses that want to use up less time and show more productivity to gain more clients. The pressure sealer is useful handling a variety of documents up to 8.5”(216mm) x17”(432mm) including checks, invoices, school reports, tax forms and appointment notices.