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FD 8802CC
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Formax FD 8802CC Paper Shredder - Cross Cut


FD 8802CC

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Formax FD 8802CC
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Formax FD 8802CC Paper Shredder - Cross Cut

The Formax FD 8802CC Paper Shredder is a brilliant paper shredder that can help you in getting rid of unused documents and similar items like CD’s, tapes and even stapler pins without trying too hard. Featuring a cross-cut shredding mechanism, this FD 8802CC Paper Shredder exhibits a dynamic shredding ability that can reduce around 90 sheets of paper in a single attempt and the miniature size of the shredded particles makes it impossible for them to be fused together again.


The FD 8802CC Cross Cut Paper Shredder comes included with an easy-to-use pump that works effectively with a reservoir and 20 copper distribution nozzles to ensure smooth lubrication of the steel cutting blades. The FD 8802CC Paper Shredder features a high-density waste bin that has been provided a front access to save space, while an automatic working mechanism and LED control panel ensure smooth functioning of the Formax FD 8802CC Cross Cut Paper Shredder.