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Gatescan 150
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Scanna Gatescan 150 Walkthrough Metal Detector


Gatescan 150

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Scanna Gatescan 150
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Gatescan Portable Walkthrough Metal Detector

The Scanna Gatescan 150 Walkthrough Metal Detector is the most versatile walk-through metal detector that can be transported and installed to virtually any location in the world. Minimum or no training is required to operate the Scanna Gatescan 150 Walkthrough. It offers a unique uniform detection field for optimal safety and prevents any mishap. It doesn’t have any black spots where weapons can be slipped through. The Scanna Gatescan 150 is integrated with 21 detection programs. It consists of 100 sensitivity levels and it can scan through 50 persons in a minute.


The 150 Scanna Gatescan Walkthrough Metal Detector has 10 volume levels and 3 operator selectable tones. It also features 10 operating frequencies for multiple unit operation. The 150 is low cost metal detector that is suitable for use in government departments, nightclubs, schools, courtrooms, embassies and visitor security.