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400 HS-6
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Kobra 400 HS-6 High Security Shredder


400 HS-6

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Kobra 400 HS-6
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Kobra 400 HS-6 paper Shredder - 400 HS6 High Security Level 6

The Kobra 400 HS-6 paper Shredder is perfect for organizations that demand a high level of secrecy in their functioning and expect the same for the shredded documents too owing to its exceptional shredding mechanism. The 400 HS6 High Security Level 6 Shredder can easily break down large amount of unwanted documents that are no longer useful, but considering the secretive nature of these documents, this shredder reduces the paper size to a form that makes it impossible to be joined back together.


This is made possible by shredding paper into 20,000 microchips by the Kobra 400 HS6 Shredder, while a huge capacity of 42 gallons works effectively in collecting the shredded waste. The Kobra 400 HS-6 Shredder is also equipped with an "ENERGY SMART" system that reduces power consumption in environmental protection and while functioning in stand-by mode. An automatic oiler is also included in this 400HS6 Level 6 Paper Shredder for maximum usage.