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400 S5
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Kobra 400 S5 Paper Shredder - Strip Cut


400 S5

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Kobra 400 S5
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Kobra 400 S5 Paper Shredder - Strip Cut

The Kobra 400 S5 Paper Shredder is useful in providing you quick output in cutting large volumes of media, including large quantities of paper, credit cards, CD-ROM and floppy disks. The 400 S5 Strip Cut can shred up to 62 sheets into 5.8mm paper strips. It has a daily capacity of 2500 sheets so is ideal for large offices and small work groups as well. The Kobra 400 S5 Strip Cut has double motor drive technology that has potential power units to deliver maximum shredding performance.


The Kobra 400 S5 Paper Shredder comes with high quality steel cabinets with mounted castors. It has a 160 liter high quality steel cabinet, which can hold large volume of shredded material. The 400S5 Strip Cut Shredder is equipped with an Energy Smart system with illuminated indicators for zero power consumption in stand-by mode and environmental protection. This Kobra Shredder also features a heavy duty motor with thermal protection useful for cutting all kinds of documents.