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Intimus 1495 Paper Shredder - Cross Cut



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Intimus 1495
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Intimus 1495 Paper Shredder - Cross Cut

The Intimus 1495 Paper Shredder is an irresistible valuable shredding machine that has a capacity to shred up to 130 sheets in one time. The Intimus 1495 has large feed table with a 53 gallon waste bin-it can hold a large volume of shredded paper. The Intimus 1495 Cross Cut features a programmable logic controller and a conveyor system that aides in moving papers into the robust steel cutting rollers. The paddles in front of the shredding mechanism shreds crumpled paper with ease. The thermally insulated motor can work nonstop without getting over-heated. The 1495 Intimus Cross Cut Shredder includes an automatic reverse and restart button to avoid paper jams or in case it gets overloaded.


It also features main power switch and an alarm in case the bin gets full, the machine stops automatically. The Intimus 1495comes with four wheels, it can be maneuverer easily from one place to another. The lockable master switch integrated with the shredder prohibits unauthorized usage.