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Martin Yale 1217A Autofolder : Martin Yale 1217A Medium Duty Folder

Martin Yale


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Martin Yale 1217A
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Martin Yale 1217A Autofolder : Medium Duty Folder



The Martin Yale 1217A Autofolder is a popular folding machine among medium and large mailrooms, schools and other financial institutions. The Martin Yale 1217A Medium Duty Folder can fully folds up to 10,300 sheets per hour—much faster than most of the folding machines.  It has four standard folds and adjustable fold plates. The 1217A Medium Duty Folder has 50 sheet feed tray capacity and takes paper sizes from 4” x 4” to 12” x 18” The 1217A Autofolder comes with rubber rollers to create neat and professional even folds. It also includes a sturdy exit conveyor belt.


The paper folder is capable of folding multiple papers which are stapled simultaneously and is integrated with an adjustable second folding pass with the manual bypass. The 1217A comes with a reversible motor to avoid paper jams and is a perfect for small business operations, community centers, education institutions.