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Martin Yale 7000E Paper Cutter

Martin Yale


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Martin Yale 7000E
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Martin Yale 7000E 200-Sheet Paper Cutter



The Martin Yale 7000E Paper Cutter is one of the most versatile and essential tool that any photo shop, school, small print shop or business would need. With this quality paper cutter you can simply cut paper, plastics, card and a range of other textiles. The Martin Yale 7000E Paper Cutter specializes in heavy cutting jobs and can easily cut up to 12 inches long and ½ inches thick stack with a single stroke.


This Martin Yale Paper Cutter comes with a unique parallel-action clamp that keeps a firm hold on to the sheets, while the integral safety latch structured in the cutter is designed to keep your fingers safe and distant from the blade.The blade used in this 7000E Paper Cutter is easy to change and maintain. It also comes with adjustable paper jogger and heavy duty wood base for easy working. Moreover, the non-skid feet used in this Martin Yale 7000E Paper Cutter ensures to keep the cutter in place while you work on it.