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Martin Yale 1501X Automatic Folder CV7

Martin Yale


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Martin Yale 1501X
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Martin Yale 1501X Automatic Folder, 1501XCV7



The Martin Yale 1501X Automatic folder CV7 is a high speed office folding machine and automatically feeds large quantities of documents. It has a capacity to take paper sizes from 3.5” x 5” cards to 8.75” x 14” legal paper. The Martin Yale 1501X Paper folder has a 150-sheet feed tray capacity and has the ability to handle up to 24 pounds of paper. It features a drop down container that neatly stacks the folded documents and ensures easy handling once papers are folded.


The Martin Yale 1501X Automatic folder has a capacity of folding up to 3 sheets of stapled papers and consists of easily adjustable fold plates to achieve a variety of customized folds. There is easy modification of for folding letter, legal, and A4 sized paper on the 1501X paper folder. The 1501X Automatic Folder CV7 has an excellent seamless operation suitable for small nonprofit and other firms. It has a capacity of folding 7,500 sheets an hour.