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Panasonic UB-5815
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Panasonic UB-5815, Stand, Supply, Shipping & 36 Month Warranty


Panasonic UB-5815

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Panasonic UB-5815 SP
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Panasonic Panaboard UB-5815 Whiteboard, UB5815

Package Deal Comes Standard With:

size: 35'(h) x 64'(w)

Wall Mount

PC Interface USB 1.1 (B connector)

Dry Marker & Eraser

Mobile Stand

Case Of UG-6001 ( 2 Rolls/Case)

Free UPS Ground Shipping

Plain paper technology

36 Month On-Site Warranty Nationwide!

Best prices & piece of mind Guaranteed.

Two-Panel Operation

USB PC Interface

Wall Mount Kit Included

Power Supply; AC 100 - 120V, 50/60Hz

External Dimensions: 52.5"(h) x 68.3"(w) x 8.3"(d) (Without Stand)

Weight: 60 lbs. (Without Stand)

Writing Implements: Dry Erase Felt Tipped Markers (Black, Red & Blue)

Panel Diagonal Dimension: 73.1"

Panel Surfaces: 2

Panel Advance System: Endless Scroll Type

Copying Area: 33.5"(h) x 63.5"(w)

Scanning System: Image Sensor

Copy Paper Type: Plain Paper (Standard or Recycled Paper)

Printing Process Method: Fusion Transfer

Copy Paper Size: Letter

Copy Density: 204 dpi

Copy Color: Black

Contrast Adjustment: Two Levels: Normal / Dark

Two-Screen Compressed Copying

Copying Time: 16 Seconds

Continuous Copies: 1 - 9

Paper Indicator




Scan to your PC in Black and White
Annotate scanned images in COLOR.
TWAIN driver
Scan with all TWAIN applications.
Save in all popular image formats


UB-5815 - Panaboard, 2 panel electronic white board. Panel Size: Writing Area (H x W) 35.4" x 64.5" Dimensions (H x W x D) 52.5 x 68.3 x 8.3

Features & Benefits:

Our range of Panaboards come with an integral printer for easy-operation.

Plain paper printing with multiple copies. (except UB-5310)

Panaboard can work as a PC printer.

Panaboard can be controlled from PC.

Panaboard keeps 100% audience attention and increases participation.

Panaboard increases efficiency and reduces meeting time.

Panaboard can be wall-mounted or used with floor-stand option.

Panaboard provides multi-copies, logic control and PC interface.

Panaboard UB-5315, UB-5815 and UB-5310 comes with utility software that consists of Document Manager and Document Viewer. The meeting contents on the Panaboard screen will become meeting minutes with some annotation by Document Viewer function. The Document Manager makes it easy to file and distribute the meeting minutes quite easily. Supported saving file format is BMP, TIFF, PNG and PDF.

Printer Driver
The Panaboard can work as a PC printer. In a meeting, if you need to print out some documents, the Plug & Play of USB makes it easy to print out documents from the Panaboard.

TWAIN Driver
By just one click, you can scan the image on the Panaboard screen as image data to your computer and from your computer, you can control the Panaboard function just like operating the Panaboard control panel.

New Plain Paper Consumables - The new plain paper panaboards feature thermal film transfer technology. This allows printing onto plain paper, and eliminating the need for thermal paper that curls, fades, etc.

Technical Specifications:



Power Supply

AC 100-120V, 50/60 Hz or AC 220-240V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

1.40 A (AC 100-120V) 0.75 A (AC220-240V)

External Dimensions (height x width x depth, without stand)

1,344mm x 1,735mm x 212mm

Weight without stand

27 kg (59.5 lbs)

Ambient operating conditions

Temperature: 10-35 degrees C, Humidity: 30-80% RH

Writing implements

Dry erase felt tipped markers (black, red and blue)

Input Block

Panel dimensions )height x width)

900mm x 1,638mm

Panel surface


Panel advance system

Endless scroll type

Copying area (height x width)

900mm x 1,613mm

Scanning system

Image sensor

Output Block


Fusion thermal transfer type

Copy paper

Standard or recycled paper

Copy paper size


Copy density

8 dots/mm

Copy colour


Contrast adjustment

Two levels: Normal/Dark

2-Screen compressed copying


Time required for copying


Continuous copies

1 to 9

Paper empty indication


Automatic cutter


Computer Interfacing System Requirements


IBM® PC/AT or compatible machine with a CD-ROM drive


Pentium®11 or higher processor


USB 1.1 (B connector)


Windows® 98/Me/200/XP


64 MB or more (Windows® 98/Me) 128 MB or more (Windows® 2000) 256 MB or more (Windows® XP)


At least 40 MB free space (except saving space for image file)