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Canon LC-510 Fax Machines, Copier, Laser Printer : Canon 510



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Unit Comes Standard With:

  • Super G3 Modem transmits at a fast 33.6 Kbps
  • Flatbed glass platen (copy books, magazines)
  • All in One toner cartridge (3500 copies)
  • 250 sheet letter size paper cassette
  • 10 sheet bypass tray
  • Printer Driver for Windows 98/Me/200 and XP via a standard USB
  • 500 pages memory
  • 50 sheet document feeder
  • The LASER CLASS 510 offers powerful, high-speed Super G3 faxing and up to 15 pages-per-minute laser printing using a standard, built-in Windows Printer Driver for Windows 98/Me/2000 and XP via standard USB. Network Printing is an optional feature.
  • Equipped with a built-in flatbed glass platen, the LASER CLASS 510 enables Book Mode faxing or copying of even three-dimensional sources like books or magazines.
  • The LASER CLASS 510 is a 15-page-per minute desktop laser printer with 600 dpi resolution and 1200 dpi enhanced resolution.
  • The LASER CLASS 510 offers standard PC faxing with an Address Book of up to 3,000 addresses.
  • The LASER CLASS 510 has a print volume of 8,000 pages-per-month, 3-second-per-page transmission speed via 33.6 Kbps modem and JBIG compression.
  • The LASER CLASS 510 is equipped with a 50-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, 8MB memory (up to 500 pages) and a 600 x 600 dpi scan resolution.
  • The LASER CLASS 510 features one standard 250-sheet side-loading letter-/legal-sized adjustable cassette, with a 10-sheet letter-/legal-/A4-sized Alternative Manual Feeder.
  • An FX8 Cartridge (up to 3,500 prints) and a handset are included with each LASER CLASS 510.

The LASER CLASS 510 provides unsurpassed facsimile and laser printing with advanced features that makes it a powerful productivity partner, making the most demanding jobs quick and affordable.

The LASER CLASS 510 includes copying solutions that have 1200 x 600 dpi resolution, a 50% - 200% Zoom Ratio at 1% increments, exposure control, and convenient preset enlargement and reduction settings. Using paper sizes from envelope to legal, the LASER CLASS 510 can provide copy runs of up to 99 copies - and can even employ electronic collating, generating ready-to-use documents.

With its standard, built-in Windows® Printer Driver, the LASER CLASS 510 provides desktop 15-ppm laser printing via USB. The LASER CLASS 510 also provides PC faxing as a standard feature.

Its Super G3 technology provides industry-leading facsimile speed, and the LASER CLASS 510's 8MB of memory stores up to 500 pages of documents. The LASER CLASS 510 also has a host of convenience features that streamline office jobs, like Print-in-Order output that gives you ready-to-use documents, Full Dual Access that enables scanning and faxing simultaneously, and a 250-page paper capacity that can handle your most demanding requirements.

No matter how demanding the task, the LASER CLASS 510 has the capability to handle virtually any faxing, printing or copying job.


Facsimile Attribute
      Title: LASER CLASS 510
      Type: Desktop Transceiver
      Applicable Line: Public Switched Telephone Network
      Compatibility: G3
      Automatic Document Feeder
            Letter-sized Sheets: up to 50
            Legal-sized Sheets: up to 30
            Scanning Method: Contact Image Sensor
      Document Sizes
            Maximum : 8.5" x 11.6" (216mm x 297mm) (Platen)
8.5" x 39" (216mm x 1m Approx) (ADF)
            Minimum: 5.8" x 4.1" (148mm x 105mm)
            Effective Scanning Width: 8.4" (214mm)
            Scanning Resolution: 600 dpi
      Data Compression System: MH, MR, MMR, JBIG
      Modem Speed: 33.6/31.2/28.8/26.4/24.0/21.6/19.2/16.8/14.4/12.0/9.6/7.2/4.8/2.4 Kbps
      Automatic Fallback : Yes
      Transmission Speed: Approx. 3 sec./page*
      Printing Method: Laser Dry Electrostatic Transfer
      Printing Speed: Approx. 15 pages/min. (LTR)
      HalfTone: 256 Shades of Gray
      Receiving Resolution
            Ultra fine mode
                  Ultra_fine: 406 pels/in. x 392 lines/in. (16 pels/mm x 15.4 lines/mm)
            Super Fine Mode
                  Super_Fine: 203 pels/in. x 392 lines/in. (8 pels/mm x 15.4 lines/mm)
            Fine Mode
                  Fine_Mode: 203 pels/in. x 196 lines/in. (8 pels/mm x 7.7 lines/mm)
            Standard Mode (horizontal x vertical)
                  Standard_Mode: 203 pels/in. x 98 lines/in. (8 pels/mm x 3.85 lines/mm)
      Effective Recording Width: 8.3" (212mm)
      Recording Paper Supply: 250-sheet MultiPurpose Tray (LTR/LGL)
      Receiving Paper Tray
            Output: Face-down
            Capacity: 50 Sheets
      Recording Paper Size : Letter/Legal/A4
      Enhanced Imaging Quality : UHQ VI (Ultra High Quality)
      Printing Resolution : 1200 x 600 dpi
      Printer Cartridge : FX-8
      Cartridge Yield : Approx. 3,500****
      Monthly Print Volume : 8,000 prints
      Supported Operating System : Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP (I/F: USB)
      Power Consumption
            Standby: Approx. 11W
            Energy Saver: Yes
            Handset: Standard
      Dimensions (W x D x H) (excluding handset) : 17-7/8" x 24-5/8" x 18"
(453mm x 625mm x 457mm)
      Weight (excluding handset): 28.7 lb. (13kg)
      Environmental Conditions
            Temperature: 50° - 90.5°F (10° - 32.5°C)
            Humidity: 20% - 80%
                  Automatic Dialing : Yes
                  One-touch speed-dialing : 30 locations
                  Coded Speed-dialing : 170 locations
                  Group Dialing
                        Group_Dialing: 199 Groups (Each group can accommodate up to 199 locations)
            Maximum Dial Digits : 120
            On-hook Dialing : Yes
            Manual Dialing with 10-button keypad : Yes
            Automatic Redialing
                  Redial times : 1 to 10 times
                  Redial interval : 2 to 99 Min.
                  Delayed Transmission: Up to 210 destinations and up to 20 reservations
                  Memory Polling Transmission : Yes
            Polling Reception
                  Multi-Polling : 1 location
                  Memory: Up to 500 Pages (8MB)**
            Sequential Broadcast: Up to 210 locations
            Relay Broadcast : Yes
            Delayed Relay Broadcast
                  Relay Broadcast Command : Yes
                  Delayed Relay Broadcast Command : Yes
            Relay Broadcast : Yes
                  Auto Receive Reduction : 70% - 100%
                  Automatic Receiving : Yes
                  Remote Reception by Phone : Yes
            Dual Access : Yes
            Transmission Reservation : Up to 20 Reservations
            Quick On-Line TX : Yes
            LCD : 20-digit x 2-lines
            Local Copy Function: Multiple copies up to 99 pages
            Battery Backup : One Hour
            Report/ Reference
                  Activity Report (Up to 40 transactions): Up to 20 Transactions
                  Non-delivery Report : Yes



print at 6-pages-per-minute with 600 dpi resolution