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Axis Communication
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Axis Communication 01338-001 2N IP FORCE 1 BTN + KYPD + 10W SPK


Axis Communication

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Axis Communication 01338-001
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Axis Communication 2N IP FORCE 1 BTN + KYPD + 10W SPK

The Axis Communication product number "01338-001" corresponds to the 2N IP Force intercom with one button, a keypad, and a 10W speaker.

The 2N IP Force intercom is a rugged and feature-rich communication device designed for outdoor environments. It provides audio and video communication, access control, and other advanced functionalities.
Key features and specifications of the 2N IP Force 1-Button intercom with keypad and 10W speaker (01338-001):
One Button: The intercom features a single button for initiating audio or video communication with a connected system or monitoring station.
Keypad: The built-in keypad allows users to enter codes or PINs for secure access control or other interactive features.
10W Speaker: The intercom is equipped with a powerful 10W speaker, providing clear and loud audio output for communication purposes.
Rugged Design: The 2N IP Force is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, featuring a robust and durable construction that is resistant to dust, water, and vandalism.
Advanced Functionality: The intercom offers various advanced features such as HD video communication, integration with access control systems, RFID card reader support, and integration with third-party applications.
PoE (Power over Ethernet): The intercom can be powered through PoE, simplifying installation and eliminating the need for additional power supplies.
Please note that the provided information is based on general knowledge about Axis Communications products, and specific details about the 2N IP Force 1-Button intercom with keypad and 10W speaker (01338-001) may vary. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend visiting the official Axis Communications website or contacting Axis Communications directly.