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Clean Board-1200x900
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PLUS CleanBoard - 4ft x 3ft, Beige


Clean Board-1200x900

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PLUS Clean Board-1200x900
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PLUS CleanBoard - 4ft x 3ft, Beige
Lightweight, versatile, and eco-friendly, the PLUS CleanBoard - 4ft x 3ft is designed to offer a seamless writing experience. Featuring a clean magnetic sheet with a robust aluminum frame, the PLUS CleanBoard writing board is a durable option for teaching and presentations, with no recurring or maintenance cost. Complementing this is the PLUS CleanBoard’s stylus pen that helps to create sharp and detailed lines.
The pen doubles down as an eraser to clean small sections but the Beige PLUS Cleanboard also comes with a dedicated electric eraser to clean large writing board areas. Additionally, the PLUS CleanBoard has a 4ft x 3ft size for writing large paragraphs, draw images, charts, or more with high resolution. The board has dedicated holders on the side for storing the stylus and eraser for quick access.