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Martin Yale 1811 Electronic Paper Folder

Martin Yale


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Martin Yale 1811
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Martin Yale 1811 Electronic Paper Folder
The Martin Yale 1811 Electronic Paper Folder is a highly proficiency device which is best to use in offices, schools, mailrooms and churches. Martin Yale Paper Folder operates at a speed of up to 12,000 sheets per hour. The Martin Yale 1811 Paper Folder automatically feeds, folds and collects a stack of documents. The feed table comes with a capacity of 300 sheets of 20lb bond paper.
Users can adjust the height of the first fold from 2” to 11.5” and 1.5” to 5.75” of the second fold. Martin Yale 1811 allows consistent paper feeding with the help of large rollers that are made of rubber. The conveyer belts on the paper folder create fanned stacks that are very easy to handle. The Martin Yale 1811 Folder allows users to easily fold stapled sets of up to 5 sheets using its manual bypass function.