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175 Hybrid
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Intimus 175 Hybrid P-7 Cross Cut High Security Shredder


175 Hybrid

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Intimus 175 Hybrid
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Intimus 175 Hybrid P-7 Cross Cut High Security Shredder
The Intimus 175 Hybrid P-7 is a high efficiency and multi-purpose shredder that combines two functions in one machine. Through its innovative paper cutting technology that features two segment solid cutting shafts made of special material, the Intimus 175 Hybrid P-7 Shredder easily manages to destroy optical media and paper without taking much time. The Intimus 175 Hybrid features i-control function that provides visual information to users for better clarity of what they are doing.
Its trouble free operation even accommodates CD/DVD destruction with the help of its automatic oiling system. Intimus 175 Hybrid P-7 Cross Cut Shredder features Ecologic energy management system which makes it totally environment friendly. The system helps in separation of optical media waste in an effective manner so that to provide best conditions for recycling. Intimus 175 Hybrid Shredder has exceeded the global standard for high security applications due the particle size it is capable of creating, which is 0,0037 inch² at Optical Media and 0,0055 inch² at Paper.