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FD 2200
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Formax Fd 2200 Series Pressure Sealers


FD 2200

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Formax FD 2200
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Formax Fd 2200 Series Pressure Sealers
The Formax FD 2200 Series Pressure Sealers is designed to handle high volume jobs with ease and dependability. The FD 2200 offers fully automated settings to provide quick and easy setup of different jobs. Processing speeds of up to 40,000 forms per hour sets the industry standard for speed and production capabilities. 
The FD 2200 utilizes an air-feed system with a capacity of up to 500 forms. It has 4 insulated fold plates for varying sequence options along with an adjustable 28" to 42" conveyor with photo eye for neat and sequential stacking. The AutoSeal 2200 comes with a fault Detector that detects double feeding and other potential faults. Also, the AutoSeal 2200 comes with interlocks for fault detection.