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+3 CC4
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Kobra +3 CC4 Personal Office Strip Cut Shredder


+3 CC4

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Kobra +3 CC4
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Kobra +3 CC4 Personal Office Strip Cut Shredder
The Kobra +3 CC4 Personal Office Strip Cut Shredder is an efficient and powerful cross-cut stripe-cut shredder especially designed for personal and office use. This level-3 security shredder is specially designed for shredding paper, crumpled paper, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, credit cards, paper clips, and staples. This high-end strip-cut shredder features a 'Throw and Shred' system for shredding crumpled paper. Alike others, the Kobra +3 CC4 Strip Cut Shredder also features separate cutting blades for plastic and paper. 
The blades of this shredder are steel hardened to ensure protection against metallic objects. This shredder also has separate bins for collecting paper and plastic shred waste. The 'Energy Smart' power management system helps in saving power. The CC4 Strip Cut Shredder by Kobra is environmental friendly. This shredder goes into standby mode when not in operation. This shredder has a shred capacity of up to 14 sheets at a time with a speed of 8ft. /min.