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Plus Copyboard IW-072 PointTech IW072



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Plus Copyboard IW-072 PointTech IW072


PLUS Interactive Whiteboard Specifications
Model IW-072
Installation Wall Mounted
Dimensions 1700 W x 1170 H x 110 D mm / 67" W x 46" H x 4" D
Weight 14 kg / 31 lbs.
Panel Size 72 inches diagonal, 1515 W x 1080 H mm / 60" W x 43" H
Readable Area 1440 W x 1080 Hmm / 57" W x 43"H
Digitizing Technology Ultrasonic and Infrared Transmitters
Sensor 2 Ultrasonic Sensors (above and below), 2 Infrared Sensors
Data Transmission Serial or USB
Surface Doubles as Whiteboard Sheet and Projection Screen
Writing Materials Stylus (Including signal transmission device, pointer/marker switching
4 colors of black, red, blue and green)
Eraser (Including signal transmission device, wide and narrow Eraser pads)
Function buttons New Board
Board with tags
Printing of the Board
Maximization of the Board
Position setting of control panel
LED Indicator Power supply / Connection
Power Supply Supplied from computer through PS/2 or USB port by accessory cables
Accessories 4 Wall Brackets
Stylus (Black, Red, Blue, Green)
Pointer Insert
Dry-erase Markers (Black, Red, Blue, Green)
Eraser Holder
Eraser Bracket
Serial Cable (5 m / 16')
USB Adapter Connecting Cable
USB Adapter
USB Cable (5 m/16')
ActiveMouse Control Panel Sheet
Control Panel Sheet
1 AAA Battery and 4 N-cell Batteries
5 Pointer Insert Felts
User's Manual
Quick Reference Guide



System requirements
PC IBM PC/AT 100% compatible computers
Operating System Windows95/98/NT 4.0/2000 Professional/Me
Internet Explorer 4.0 (SP2) or later
Microprocessor Pentium 166 MHz or higher
Memory More than 32 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space More than 20 MB free
Optical Disk Device CD-ROM Drive
Connector Serial (DB-9) and PS/2 or USB



Optional Stand
Model IW-200
Dimensions 915 W x 1630 H x 565 D mm
(Stand only) 36" W x 64" H x 22" D
Weight 11 kg / 24 lbs.



PLUS Interactive Whiteboard with Optional Stand
Installation Floor Standing with Stand (IW-072 + IW-200)
Dimensions with Stand 1700 W x 1930 H (max) x 565 D mm / 67" W x 76" H (max) x 22" D
Height Adjustment 4 levels (the height of the top surface of the board: 1930, 1830, 1690, 1590 mm)
Dimensions with Stand
(in storage)
1170 W x 1930 H x 565 D mm / 46" W x 76" H x 22" D
Weight with Stand 25 kg / 55 lbs.



Optional Accessories Pointer Insert Felts
Eraser Pads
Dry-erase Marker ( Black, Red, Blue, Green )
Optional Software boardCastTM (plug-in for RealPlayerTM)
Handwriting Recognition plug-in

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