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Okidata Okifax 5780, Oki 5780 Fax machine



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Oki 5780
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OKIDATA OKI 5780 FAX MACHINE, Discontinued

33.6 Modem Communications Reduce Costs and Save Time
Spend less time sending faxes — save time and phone line charges

  • The rapid 3-second transmission time will get your special report or urgent document off to other businesses quickly. That saves you time while lowering telephone costs. And, if you want your rates to be even lower, the OKIFAX 5780 can delay the transmission time to the most economical time for phone rate savings.
  • With 2.5 MB standard memory, you can scan and store up to 200 pages, which is not only convenient, but helps if the paper supply runs out. And an 8 MB additional memory expansion will permit scanning and storing up to 840 pages. To guard against losing a transmission in off-hours, over the weekend, or during a power outage, there's also a 72-hour memory backup.

Reduce Chances of Paper Jams, Less Need For Service Calls
Fax it right the first time — documents flow through smoothly

  • When you're in a hurry and need to fax a document fast, a 3-second Quick Scan gives you reliability you can count on. A spring-loaded scanner inside the machine floats over your documents as they're scanned through, adjusting to the paper's weight and thickness. The OKIFAX 5780 is based on one of the most reliable document feeding mechanisms in the industry.
  • The OKIFAX 5780 has a special clamshell design that allows you to quickly and easily clear the paper path. No more tugging and pulling on pages of paper that are stuck. There's usually no need to ask another staff member for assistance or a reason to make a service call.

Receive Collated Documents and Use as an Economical Desktop Copier
Create copies of documents quickly — increase your work area capabilities

  • When searching for economies of scale, the OKIFAX 5780 stacks up well. With the ability to use the model as a convenience copier, you can stack as many as 50 originals in the document feeder and quickly receive your copies.
  • The OKIFAX 5780 can create up to 99 copies from a single original at the rate of ten pages per minute. That convenience can help your office run more efficiently. It's yet another example of how this model performs multiple functions, saving you time, effort and money.
  • For busy offices where staff can't spare the time to separate faxes received during the day or overnight, the OKIFAX 5780 collates each document as it's received. It's simple to pick up faxed documents, already collated, and get right back to work.

140 Speed Dials and 20 Groups Industry First: OKI® HRS600 High Resolution Scan Multi-Functionality, Internet Fax Options
Achieve the highest document quality — optional connectivity to LAN and internet fax applications

  • Hard copy scan resolution determines the quality of output at the destination fax machine. While other faxes scan at 200 dpi to 400 dpi, the OKI® HRS 600 High Resolution Scan incorporated through an 8 MB memory option will enable your business to scan, transmit, and receive documents at a crisp 600 dpi image resolution, meeting the highest quality standard in the industry today.
  • A multi-function printer option can enhance your business productivity in areas outside the realm of conventional fax machines.The optional document management software allows the user to perform a variety of tasks directly from a desktop PC workstation including sending and receiving transmissions,as well as monitoring the unit's operation and paper supply.
  • An OKI T.38 Internet fax option allows for 'real time' communication over IP networks or the internet, providing a message confirmation report for business-critical documents.This option is ideal for applications that require confirmation of the receipt of the document
OKIFAX® 5780 Highlights:
 - 33600 KBPS Modem (Approx. 3.0 Seconds Per Page)*
 - 50 Page Automatic Document Feeder
 - 200 Page Standard Memory* Upgradeable to 520 Pages*
 - 3.0 Second Per Page Quick Scan Into Multi Access Memory*
 - 140 Speed Dial Numbers (40 One Touch / 100 Two Touch) (20 Groups)
 - Automatic Redial (1 to 10 times at 1 to 6 minute intervals)
 - Alphabetic Telephone Directory, Fax Tel Switch and TAD Interface
 - Delayed, Memory, Broadcast and 20# Walkup Broadcast Transmission
 - 72 Hour Battery Back-up , Instant Dial and Distinctive Ring
 - 250 Sheet Paper Supply Upgradeble to 750 Sheets (2 Trays: 250 & 500)
 - 64 Level Halftones/Gray Scale, Backup File and 99 Department Codes
 - Collated Face Down Printing @ 10 PPM and Full Image Confirmation
 - 300 DPI Copier @ 10 PPM (1 to 99 Copies)
 - 600 DPI Printer @ 10 PPM (Optional Unimessage Software & Memory)
 - 300 DPI Scanner @ 3 SPP (Optional Unimessage Software)
 - PC/Fax, E-Mail Link & Internet Faxing (Optional Unimessage Software)
 - Dimensions (H x W x D): 9.7" x 13.0" x 16.5"

Supplies, Accessories, and Spare Parts for: OKIFAX 5780

Product Name SKU
2 MB Memory (OF5680/5780/OF5750/OF5700/OF5900) System Battery 40755302
4 MB Memory (OF5680/5780/OF5750/OF5700/OF5900) System Battery 40755312
8 MB Memory (OF5680/5780/OF5750) 40755322
G3 Dual Line Option Kit (OKIFAX 5750) 41345301
Image Drum (OF5780/OF5980/OF5700 Series/OF5750 Series/OF5900 Series/OF5950 Serie 40433318
Kit: T.38 internet Fax Option (OF5750) 70037001
OkiLAN 7100e+ 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Internal Print Server 70034301
T.37 Internet/LAN Fax Option Kit (OF5780/OF5980) 70040101
Toner Cartridge (OF5780/OF5980) 52112901
UNIMESSAGE Pro LAN 10 User Upgrade (Software Only) (OF5780/OF5980/OF5650) 70039801
UNIMESSAGE Pro LAN 25 User Upgrade (Software Only) (OF5780/OF5980/OF5650) 70039901