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Promethean ActivBoards take teaching, learning, and training a notch higher. The Promethean features ample space for teachers and students can work simultaneously. These Promethean ActivBoards help you reach an entirely new level of modern classroom learning. These ActivBoards from Promethean are compatible with a wide range of Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Many of these feature an easy erasing option on the dry board. These can also be used to watch movies and review lessons.  A digital pen accompanies the boards for ensuring natural writing and navigation experience. These boards from Promethean come with USB support. With a wide range of features under its kitty, you can enjoy an interactive teaching and learning session. Models included under the range are AB10T78D as well as Promethean AB595PUS.



Promethean AB10T78D

The Promethean AB10T78D interactive whiteboard imparts new age teaching and training. AB10T78D ...

Price: $1,029.00 1029.00

Promethean AB10T88D

The AB10T88D ActivBoard by Promethean will revolutionize the traditional classroom teaching. One ...

Price: $1,239.00 1239.00