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Ream Cutters are definitely required when you need to precisely cut through a Stack of papers. You can blindly trust Formax to Cut-True a Stack of Papers in no time. We offer heavy duty paper cutters for the businesses like print houses, photocopy shops, educational institutions, and commercial print centers. Our highly durable ream cutters allow you and your staff to manage the heavy work load easily in to our Stack cutters. They allow you to effortlessly cut stacks of paper down to the required size in a matter of seconds. Our ream cutter segment offers the models like the Formax Cut-True 27A Automatic Programmable Electric Cutter, Formax Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Electric Cutter, and Martin Yale Powerline 620RC Ream Cutter. These sheet cutters come equipped with clearly printed measuring guidelines, adjustable backstops, touch screen panels, LED cutting lines, and a host of other useful features. Intelligently designed to enable you to do repeat paper cuts with just a single press of the button, Ream Cutters will certainly bring a lot of efficiency in your brochures, invitation cards, or print shop related businesses.

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