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Interactive whiteboards

Electronic whiteboards -- look very similar to the traditional whiteboards which have been used and can easily boost your meetings or expand your presentations.

There are many different types of presentations Whiteboards that are available for sale but we only carry the Panasonic Whiteboards and Plus Copyboards Both of the white boards are very user friendly and robust.  The Plus Copyboards use flash memory to transport information from the board to your PC or printer.  On the other hand the Panasonic Whiteboards come with USB cable and printer.  The interactive Whiteboards versions, however, have capabilities that the regular whiteboard don't offer.  The new Panasonic UB-2815C PC-Ready electronic whiteboard take your business meetings to the next level  which also offers SD Memory Card/USB Flash Memory Storage as well as USB PC Interface.  The new Panasonic interactive Whiteboards offer the facility to interact with information in real time.

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Panasonic UB-5315 whiteboard
Panasonic UB-5815 whiteboard
Panasonic UB-5315 --> Package Deal
Panasonic UB-5815 --> Package Deal
Panasonic UB-7325 whiteboard
Panasonic UB-8325 whiteboard
Panasonic UB-2315C Color whiteboard
Panasonic UB-2815C Color whiteboard


PLUS Whiteboard

Plus BF-041S
Plus BF-041W
Plus BF-035
Plus IW-072
Plus M11 --> M-11S
Plus M11 --> M-11W

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