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Formax FD-2030 Pressure Sealer - FD2030
Retail Price: $7,795.00
Sale Price:  $6,645.00
Item # Formax FD-2030
In Stock? Yes
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Formax FD-2030 Pressure Sealer - AutoSeal FD2030

The FD 2030 AutoSeal® desktop pressure sealer provides a reliable and compact solution for processing pressure sensitive self-mailers. Standard features include a six-digit counter, jog control, fault detection, LED indicators and an operator friendly touch-pad.

Up to 225 forms can be loaded in the hopper and processed at speeds up to 9,000 per hour. The FD 2030 is also available as a package, the P2030 which comes standard with a fully enclosed cabinet for storage and a conveyor with photo eye for neat and sequential stacking of processed forms. The cabinet and conveyor are options for the FD 2030.

Featured Highlights

  • Speed: Up to 9,000 pieces/hr
  • Monthly Duty Cycle: Up to 75,000/month
  • Three roller top feed system
  • Processes 14" Uneven "Z" and "C" folds standard

The Formax FD 2030 handles a variety of documents up to 8 ½" x 14" including checks, invoices, school reports, tax forms and appointment notices. Pressure seal mailers can be used for virtually any application that can be printed on one form.
The Formax FD2030 processes forms at a rate of up to 9,000 sheets per hour and can hold up to 200 - 24# forms in the feed hopper. Combined with a duty cycle of up to 75,000 forms per month the Formax FD2030 offers the ultimate solution for streamlining your in office paper processing.
Pressure Seal Solution
The Formax AutoSeal FD 2030 combined with a simplex printer and pressure seal forms create a secure, cost effective time saving paper processing solution.
Ease of Operation
The Formax FD2030 is set up for user friendly operation. Simply set your folds according to the clearly marked settings on the fold plates, load your forms, press start and your on your way. The Formax FD2030 has indicators for power on, fault detection, paper out and cover open for operator convenience. It also includes a six-digit counter for audit control

Hopper Capacity:
Fixed Speed:
Paper Size:
Duty Cycle:
225 Sheets 24#
9,000 sheets per hour
Up to 8½" x 14"
120 Volts AC 50/60 Hz
75,000 per month
20.25"L x 16.5"W x 13.25"H
90 lbs.
UL and CUL approved, CE applied for

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