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The Formax Pressure Sealers have a speed of 100 forms in a minute, they have the capability to hold pages that measure around 14 inches. These have been integrated with newly adjustable plates which help in time saving and efficient solution for paper processing, the printers with pressure sealers have the capacity of holding 200 sheets. The Formax Pressure Sealers are compact and sleek in designs and they also offer great outputs, since they are sleek in designs they can fir easily in narrow places.

Digital Copiers

FD 1502
Formax FD 1502Formax FD 1502

The Formax FD 1502 Mid-Volume Table top pressure Sealer has a speed of 100 forms in a minute. The ...

Price: $4,101.25
FD 1502Plus
Best Buy Formax FD 1502Plus Mid-Volume Pressure Sealer with Integrated Conveyor
Formax FD 1502PlusFormax FD 1502Plus

The Formax FD 1502Plus Mid-Volume Pressure Sealer with Integrated Conveyor processing speed of up ...

Price: $6,095.00
FD 2082
Formax FD 2082Formax FD 2082

With the Formax FD 2082 Sealer, you will be able to automatically process checks, invoices, pin ...

Price: $39,441.55
Best Buy Formax FD-1202 Auto Pressure Sealer
Formax FD-1202Formax FD-1202

The Formax FD-1202 AutoSeal offers a user-friendly solution to process pressure-sensitive mailers. ...

Price: $2,395.00
Formax FD-2002Formax FD-2002

The Formax FD-2002 Auto Pressure Sealer is practically fast and folds up time taking forms in less ...

Price: $6,789.99
Best Buy Formax FD-2002IL Pressure Sealer: AutoSeal
Formax FD-2002ILFormax FD-2002IL

The Formax FD-2002IL Pressure Sealer is a perfect paper handling device for all those work groups ...

Price: $8,075.00
Best Buy Formax FD-2032 AutoSeal : FD2032 Pressure Sealer
Formax FD-2032Formax FD-2032

The Formax FD-2032 AutoSeal is a proactive folding machine that can accomplish 3 fold types ...

Price: $8,725.00
Formax FD-2054Formax FD-2054

The Formax FD 2054 High Volume Pressure Sealer is an innovative machine that folds and seals ...

Price: $11,250.00
Formax FD1402Formax FD1402

Formax FD-1402 Pressure Sealer is a compact with small foot print and very user friendly. It has a ...

Price: $3,395.00

The Martin Yale LMS1 Envelope Moistener Sealer is a true performer that moistens and seals in one ...

Price: $322.00