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Paper Folders or Folding Machines are used in schools, churches and medium to large businesses. Folding Machines come in different sizes and prices @ JTF for a lot less. We carry name brand Paper Folders at great prices.  We also offer on-site service for any folding machines nationwide. Formax and Martin Yale are the names that are well-known in the industry for delivering highly dependable paper handling solutions. Formax Folding Machines top seller is the FD6102 Paper Folder and Envelope Inserter. Whether you own a business organization, a school , charitable organization, or work in office, these document folders are a must-have for ideal document management. Paper Folders bring the much-needed efficiency in any work setup by helping you to fold the papers at an incredibly fast rate. These Envelope Inserter & Paper Folders are quite easy to install and do not require much storage space either. Multi-tasking and fully automatic, they even allow you to store customized fold settings in their memory so that you can just sit back and relax, while your work gets done!FoldingMachines


Intimus 2051Intimus 2051

The Intimus 2051 SmartFold Automatic Paper Folder automatically feeds folds and collects a stack of ...

Price: $3,300.00

Martin Yale 1217AMartin Yale 1217A

The Martin Yale 1217A Autofolder is a popular folding machine among medium and large mailrooms, ...

Price: $1,121.25

Martin Yale 1501XMartin Yale 1501X

The Martin Yale 1501X Automatic folder CV7 is a high speed office folding machine and automatically ...

Price: $605.43
Best Buy Martin Yale 1611 Folder : AutoFolder 1611

Martin Yale 1611Martin Yale 1611

The Martin Yale 1611 Folder is a reliable and user-friendly folding machine which folds documents ...

Price: $733.00
Martin Yale 1711

Martin Yale 1711Martin Yale 1711

The Martin Yale 1711 Automatic Paper Folder has seamless operation and is integrated with the most ...

Price: $1,265.00

Martin Yale 1812Martin Yale 1812

The Martin Yale 1812 Auto Folder with Variable Speed is an efficient machine useful for businessmen ...

Price: $2,100.00

Martin Yale MK7000Martin Yale MK7000

Martin Yale Mark VII is a high speed machine folder which gives you clean folding in no time. This ...

Price: $4,900.00

Martin Yale MK7000AMartin Yale MK7000A

Martin Yale Mark VII Folding Machine is a fast and reliable solution to all your folding problems. ...

Price: $8,050.00

Martin Yale P7200Martin Yale P7200

Martin Yale P7200 is a great solution to all your folding related problems. It is a high speed and ...

Price: $281.75

Martin Yale P7400Martin Yale P7400

Martin Yale P7400 is a high speed automatic paper folder for your work operations. It has a feed ...

Price: $366.91