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The Kobra Department Shredders are the easiest to use as they shred all types of documents without much hassle and without much efforts. Kobra department shredders are efficient, economical and fast too. Kobra have a level 3 security rating, they can shred credit cards, paper clips and staples. The Kobra Department Shredders do not even require any plastic bags to collect the shredded waste, their shredding capacity is up to 14 sheets at 7 ft./min. Not only this but Kobra Department Shredders can be used 24 x 7 without any interventions.

Digital Copiers

+1 CC4
Kobra +1 CC4Kobra +1 CC4

Now you can easily shred your official as well as personal secure documents without any effort with ...

Price: $343.75
+1 SS4
Kobra +1 SS4Kobra +1 SS4

The Kobra +1 SS4 Personal Strip-cut Shredder is a perfect utility option for all those folks who ...

Price: $302.50
+2 CC2
Kobra +2 CC2Kobra +2 CC2

Coming from the leading brand, Kobra, the +2 CC2 Personal Office Strip Cut Shredder is a smart ...

Price: $530.75
+2 SS4
Kobra +2 SS4Kobra +2 SS4

Delivering optimal performance, the Kobra +2 SS4 Personal Office Strip Cut Shredder is a ...

Price: $412.50
+2 SS7
Kobra +2 SS7Kobra +2 SS7

Destroy your office documents without any worry of data loss with the Kobra +2 SS7 Personal Office ...

Price: $437.25
+3 CC4
Kobra +3 CC4Kobra +3 CC4

The Kobra +3 CC4 Personal Office Strip Cut Shredder is an efficient and powerful cross-cut ...

Price: $519.75
240 SS2
Kobra 240 SS2Kobra 240 SS2

With the host of advanced features, the Kobra 240 SS2 Multipurpose Office Strip Cut Shredder is a ...

Price: $745.25
240 SS4
Kobra 240 SS4Kobra 240 SS4

The Kobra 240 SS4 Multimedia Office Strip Cut Shredder is a multipurpose shredder with medium-level ...

Price: $745.25
240 SS5
Kobra 240 SS5Kobra 240 SS5

Looking for a personal as well as office shredder? Try the Kobra 240 SS5 Multimedia Office Strip ...

Price: $739.75
300.2 C2
Kobra 300.2 C2Kobra 300.2 C2

Secure your sensitive data and maintain its integrity with the Kobra 300.2 C2 Cross Cut Shredder ...

Price: $1,619.20
300.2 C4
Kobra 300.2 C4Kobra 300.2 C4

With value-added features, Energy Smart management system and Super potential power unit, the Kobra ...

Price: $1,613.70
300.2 S4
Kobra 300.2 S4Kobra 300.2 S4

Specially designed for the medium as well as large offices, the Kobra 300.2 S4 Strip Cut Shredder ...

Price: $1,290.30

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