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The Intimus Department Shredders give a high volume performance as they cut huge volumes of waste within fraction of seconds. Intimus Shredders have been integrated with auto reverse function which make it easy for jammed paper to be removed. Intimus also can shred up to 25 sheets of standard 20 lbs. Paper. The Intimus Department Shredders work very silently with Silentec Technology thereby providing for smooth functioning. Not only this but these department shredders can even shred CDs, Credit Cards, DVDs and floppy disks. Intimus Department Shredders hardened steel blades can handle paper clips and staples easily.

Digital Copiers

Intimus 120CC3
Best Buy Intimus 120CC3 Pro Cross Cut Shredder: 227154S1 - Level 3
Intimus 120CC3Intimus 120CC3

The Intimus 120CC3 Pro Cross Cut Shredder offers peak performance in cutting huge volumes of waste ...

Price: $1,332.04
Intimus 120CC4
Intimus 120CC4Intimus 120CC4

The Intimus 120CC4 Pro Cross Cut Shredder is a reliable, multi-function shredder, designed to be ...

Price: $1,464.08
Intimus 130CP4
Best Buy Intimus 130 CP4 Department Paper Shredder : 130CP4
Intimus 130CP4Intimus 130CP4

The Intimus 130 CP4 Department Paper Shredder is a multipurpose shredder that completely destroys ...

Price: $1,738.55
Intimus 175CC3
Best Buy Intimus 175CC3 Pro Cross Cut Shredder - 297134
Intimus 175CC3Intimus 175CC3

The Intimus 175CC3 Pro Cross Cut Shredder is a heavy duty shredder useful for demanding office ...

Price: $3,351.31
Intimus 175CC4
Intimus 175CC4 ON SALE
Intimus 175CC4Intimus 175CC4

The Intimus 175CC4 Pro Cross Cut Shredder is a high performance micro cut shredder designed to ...

Price: $3,760.88 $3,660.88
Intimus 602CC3
Intimus 602CC3Intimus 602CC3

The Intimus 602CC3 Paper Shredder is a cross paper cut shredding machine that work well in ...

Price: $2,345.20
Intimus 60CC3
Intimus 60CC3 ON SALE
Intimus 60CC3Intimus 60CC3

The Intimus 60CC3 multi functional shredder destroys paper, cds, dvds, floppy disks, staples, paper ...

Price: $945.75 $845.75
702 CC
Best Buy Intimus 702 Cross Cut Paper Shredder 702CC - Cross Cut
Intimus 702 CCIntimus 702 CC

The Intimus 702 Cross Cut Paper Shredder is a high capacity shredder that is useful for cutting ...

Price: $3,922.06
Best Buy Intimus 684204 Multimedia Shredder
Multimedia 684204Multimedia 684204

The Intimus 684204 Multimedia Shredder offers a perfect way to get rid of confidential information ...

Price: $2,688.02